Becoming Two & Keeping You: A Whole Self Guide for Powerful Women Planning for Pregnancy

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Afraid you’re going to lose yourself and burn out?

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Life is layered and there are so many factors that go into everything we think, feel, do, and experience. Balanced nutrition, physical strength and wellbeing, and mental and emotional health all impact and influence the way we live every minute of our lives.

So many clients start working with us when they are ALREADY totally burnt out, they’re on the verge of combusting, they’re experiencing pain and limitations, they don’t recognize themselves or feel good about themselves, they’re completely exhausted from the way things are going, and they feel like running away!

We want to help you get the things in place to help yourself prevent feeling burnt out, paralyzed, disconnected, or terrified that you won’t survive delivery and the postpartum period–we want to help you see the power you’ve got within you to be the best version of yourself, while on the bumpiest ride of your life.

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Getting set up and learning about baby-care is important, but what about you? Our workbook is for YOU. So you can be the best, most solid caregiver you can be, while being good to yourself. It doesn’t have to be…and it can’t be…just one or the other.

This collection of info, tips, and interactive exercises is for your peace of mind. We know getting pregnant and anticipating what’s up ahead can feel like overload, anxiety-provoking, and you may feel like stalling. But let’s be real, avoiding it won’t actually resolve the nerves and won’t help you feel and get equipped to manage what’s coming. So let’s get educated, sort the information all out, and get you unstuck, so you can go into delivery with more confidence.

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What you’ll find in this book:

  • Ways to manage stress and learn strategies for optimal time management related to life and your priorities, feeding yourself and your family, and exercise.

  • The things people don’t actually warn you about, like unexpected feelings, bathroom stuff, physical healing, and getting your team in order.

  • Navigating evolving relationships and identifying who “your people” are, how to communicate efficiently, set boundaries, and experience intimacy.

  • All things mental health–your thoughts, how to feel your feelings, trauma, dispelling “mom myths,” and how to truly rest and digest.

  • Changes your body goes through during pregnancy, labor and delivery, the importance of fueling your body, and how to appreciate your body.

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What People Are Saying..!

"This workbook is what every parent to be needs. Yes, of course there are the pregnancy bibles like What to Expect and newborn books like The Happiest Baby but this is one of the few books that speaks to how pregnancy and parenthood changes mind, body, and soul and how to prep effectively for it so changes aren’t surprising and how to plan for changes that are coming prior to becoming a parent."

"So many pregnancy books are solely focused on the physicality of pregnancy and so many baby books are solely focused on the infant. This book truly shines a light on matrescence — the process of becoming a mother — with actionable insights, tips, and ways to effectively engage with yourself during a time that can be incredibly intense for anyone. The three authors are smart, insightful, and know pregnancy both through their own experience and through their client work. They get how vulnerable, weird, cool, and wonderful it can be. And they speak to how to really lean into the feelings and ambivalence and excitement of becoming a parent while feeling physically good and nourished and how to make sure to take care of yourself in those first few weeks."

"Well, I'm happy to say I found this fills a void I didn't even realize existed. There are many pregnancy books out there--Emily Oster for the data-inclined; Brining up Bebe for those interested in French methods--but none of them focus so holistically on the mom. Whereas so many pregnancy books focus on those first 9 months of carrying a baby and sometimes the first year with baby, this book really prepares you for all the different facets of being a mother: from pregnancy, to postpartum life, to the months and years after when you need to navigate tricky conversations with your partner, figure out what to eat besides cereal, and reframe your budget when you realize daycare is more expensive than your mortgage. Other pros: (1) The book is organized in a way that you don't have to read it all at once. You can do only the chapters you're interested in and then wait until you need the other parts. (2) It's written in a fun, easy-to-read style with lots of quick exercises scattered throughout, which I love because it keeps me engaged. (3) The breadth of topics is impressive, and it's so helpful to have all this info in one place. I've honestly Googled each individual topic in the book at some point, and i WISH I could have had something like this when I was pregnant."


"Becoming Two & Keeping You is an invaluable interactive resource for both patients and partners. This amazing tool addresses the mind, body, and spirit while also answering the most common questions for navigating pregnancy and beyond. As a practicing Obstetrician, I took for granted how well informed I was as a partner when our family was expecting. This book takes out all of the guesswork for patients, partners, support persons, and family members so that they can be in a well informed place for the beautiful journey ahead of them. I spend everyday encouraging my patients to be empowered and I am so happy to finally have a trustworthy and comprehensive resource for Powerful Women Planning for Pregnancy."


"Becoming Two & Keeping You provides a wealth of practical information and support that should be commonplace, but isn’t. So many women are without adequate education and expectations surrounding pregnancy and the postpartum periods, and how this major life change affects them on a human level outside of doctors’ appointments. We cannot be prepared for, and you cannot improve, what we aren’t aware of; to have the collaborative expertise of the authors provide realistic tools for managing mental health, nutrition, and rehabilitative exercise is invaluable and cannot be found anywhere else. We do not have to struggle through!

As a pelvic health physical therapist, this workbook is my go-to for women who may not have the access or luxury of time to see a therapist right away for whatever reason. It is a trusted resource for those who may need a DIY-approach to gain insight into what is normal, what symptoms to look out for, and when seeing a therapist is the best option. Even for those currently working with a pelvic PT, there is much to be gained from reviewing all of its helpful information! The Return to High Impact Screen is my favorite measure for establishing a baseline for easing back to exercise.

This guide can help in so many ways, and have lasting positive effects throughout the lifespan. Give yourself, or a mama-to-be you know, the gift and POWER of knowledge to help keep their sense of self and peace of mind."


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