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Concierge Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & Counseling for women.
In your

We help women find lasting relief from pain, urinary and bowel challenges, sexual dysfunction, prenatal and postpartum issues, and difficulties with stress, anxiety, relationships, trauma, and more...

What we offer

We're your teammates, supporting you through your healing process from pain, pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, injury, trauma, and LIFE. Dr. Kim will help you heal physically, and Sam will help you emotionally, so that you feel your strongest, inside and out. We're also here to foster prevention--and working on your whole, interconnected self now, can mitigate a reverberating domino effect later.

Where we do it

We're mobile, based in Monmouth County, NJ. We’ll come to you, anywhere within a 35-minute drive. Wherever you are the most comfortable—your home, your office, your gym—you get to choose! We also offer virtual sessions for both therapy and PT. No worrying about finding childcare, factoring in driving time to and from appointments, or waiting in a busy waiting room! More flexibility, comfort, and privacy.

Why our approach is better

Insurance companies don’t know you, see you, or understand all that you're going through. We use a cash-based system because our care doesn't work within insurance's model. Having an up-front rate allows for transparency and clarity in care, ensuring you know exactly what you are paying for, without any surprise bills. It allows us to provide full hour-long sessions, focusing on multiple issues as once, and you get the undivided attention of a specialist for personalized, high-quality, collaborative care, in your home, on your terms.  


About Us

Powerful has been a project in the making, long before the idea of a practice bloomed. It's the convergence of two helpers (and sisters!) passionate about empowering underserved populations, particularly women, and two careers revealing the reality of wellness—

the mind-body connection and the importance of understanding and caring

for the whole self.

Work With US


Call/Message & Schedule

Call, text, or message us to schedule your first visit with our pelvic PT or our LCSW, or both.  We'll come to your home, or meet virtually, do a thorough assessment, and begin to learn and establish your goals!


Getting to the Source

We ask questions about your whole self, your history, and your lifestyle, not just what you came in for, because sometimes the source of a “symptom” isn’t quite what you think it is.


Build a Customized Plan

Full hour-long sessions, you'll have our undivided attention, we'll personalize an action plan together, work towards your goals, and get you back to feeling yourself! You deserve this kind of multifaceted care.


let's chat!

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